We get a lot of nice letters about our work. Here are some of my favorites…all happy endings! Some concern appraisals, others are pre-sale inspections, and a few concern squabbles with insurance companies over getting a fair settlement for a loss.

Joe Troise is one of those rare finds, a knowledgeable appraiser who loves his work and is willing to tackle any conditions to get the information needed. Thanks for the beautiful appraisal Joe! Lisa Soloway, Soloway Fiduciary Services

I wanted to let you know how valuable your appraisal was in my unfortunate situation. The court dismissed the objection about the cobra being valued at $40K. Your very impressive appraisal was overwhelming and very professional in its content. Someone above guided me to you on the internet. I want to thank you for taking a personal interest in my situation by handling this yourself. Meeting you was a pleasure and I have to say your resume is absolutely incredible. Joe, thank you again, my friend. Gary, Sacramento CA

Joe--Just want to tell you that I received the car yesterday. I certainly appreciate all of your help, understanding and professionalism, as it is challenging to buy a car across the country site unseen -- but with your expertise and experience I felt much more comfortable with the purchase. You certainly have to deal with someone you trust, and I could not have asked for better person to work with. Jim A. (pre-sale inspection)

I received a check in the mail from State Farm today for the balance. Thanks for being so persistent. I'll be a good reference for you and if I'm in need of future work I know where to go. -- Paul F. San Francisco, Porsche 911

Thanks, Joe, your report was first rate! Bruce I., Tiburon, California

Joe, this money was well spent. With immense gratitude….Tom M. , Midwest

Thanks for the excellent job you did on my recent inspection. Additionally, the car was in a somewhat remote location. I also appreciate your accessibility during my buying process. Michael R., Torrance California, Dodge Charger

Just wanted to thank you for the appraisal. You did a great job. Denis M. Santa Rosa, California, 1965 Cutlass

Thank you for all your help. You have been awesome, patient, full of information. I hope you have a huge clientele because you aren't like many out there. Kelly, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you Joe, this was speedy! It was also a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you, and thanks for your valuable advice. -Stephane P. Oakland, CA

Thanks for doing such an excellent thorough job. If you ever need a reference, you may use our names. Jim& Mary Smith,. Fremont, CA. (large collection)

You're a life saver! I've got someone coming to look at the Olds today and someone interested in the Corvette. Have a great day! Joan K., San Diego CA.

Joe, Thanks again for the nice comments about the Corvette. It is insured with Hagerty. Thanks again for the thorough appraisal/market analysis of the car. You helped put my mind as ease about the cost/value. Pat B

Thanks very much for the report, Joe! It is very thorough and detailed and is just what I was looking for.-Joshua W., CA

Joe, I thought the appraisal for my 69 z/28 was excellent. I think the value is right on and I thought the document was well done. Since meeting you I have seen your name in various car magazines. Rick B. CA

Joe--just wanted you to know I did purchase the green 280. I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided. Craig H. California, Mercedes 280SL

Thank you again for your most valuable and competent assistance with our purchase. George S., Andover New Jersey

The report was excellent. My husband and Dad were very impressed with your knowledge and insights. Louise F., Maryland, Jaguar XKE

Once again, thank you for all your time and expertise, Joe. I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude John E. Berkeley, California, 1974 Alfa Romeo

Joe, thanks for the great job, the report was excellent. Keith R., North Carolina, 1951 Chevrolet Pickup street rod.

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