JOSEPH  L. TROISE is the author of two books on automobiles, as well as many articles on classic cars and automotive history. His work has appeared in such national automotive magazines as Autoweek and Road & Track, as well as the San Francisco Chronicle, Communication Arts, American Way, and Newsday. He has been a member of the Society of Automotive Historians, the MG-TC Roughriders,  the Arcane Car Society, and the Automotive Hall of Fame. He has also served for many years as concours judge for the Silverado Concours D'Elegance and St. Mary's Concours D'Elegance.

In the realm of hands-on experience, Mr. Troise was employed by Mercedes-Benz of North America as a Special Representative to VIP clients during the years 1970-72. He has also run his own repairshop in Colorado, and has restored both automobiles and motorcycles as a hobby.

In addition, Mr. Troise also has staff experience at major collectible car auctions, most notably the annual Barrett-Jackson auction in Phoenix, Arizona, and has studied the collections of auto museums both in America and Europe. 

During the actual appraisal of an automobile, Mr. Troise consults a variety of standard reference works, as well as subscription-only newsletters and auction reports. He also relies on past experience, having done appraisals professionally for 25 years, including serving as associate appraiser for the famous Goodman Collection, auctioned  by Kruse International for over $3 million dollars. When necessary, he can call upon the expertise of knowledgeable colleagues, such as collectors, dealers and curators. 

Mr. Troise's appraisals are always performed under the strict guidance of USPAP guidelines (The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) which are the generally accepted standards for professional appraisal practice in North America. He is also very familiar with the California Fair Claims Settlement Regulations. Mr. Troise also offers impartial arbitration services, and has no affiliations whatsoever with either insurance companies or consumer advocacy groups.

Mr. Troise's past automotive publications include Automobilia, A Calendar History of the Automobile in 52 Weeks, The Automobile Knowledge Cards, Drive It 'Til It Drops, Cherries and Lemons, and a four-page feature in Road & Track entitled Four Angry Cylinders. Publications in other fields includes a collection of his cartoon work done with co-creator Phil Frank, entitled Elderberries, and published by Andrews McMeel (December 2008).

Mr. Troise is a former Market Analyst for the Kelley Blue Book, and part of the development team for Kelley's Early Car Edition. He is currently online Host for the Automotive Forums, and Expert Advisor for the Answers website. He is also a contributing editor to Road and Track magazine and co-creator of the Nigel Shiftright, Automotive Anachronism cartoon series. He is certified as an Expert Witness in the San Mateo county court system.

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